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Residential Bowling Alleys

The best of entertainment

in the comfort of your home.

If you want to provide memorable moments of fun with your friends, family and guests all year round, Imply® Residential Bowling offers exclusive, modern and sophisticated entertainment experiences for all ages.

Residential Bowling is a great differentiator to add value to the property and transform your home or condominium with high-end entertainment. Our Bowling Alleys are the perfect choice to take your home entertainment to a new level.

The super modern design of our Bowling Alleys guarantees the "WOW" Effect:

✓ 55" 4k UHD LCD Screens, or Projection System throughout the Panel, to display the score in an incredible way.

✓ Players can access scoring and game options very easily through the 18.5" Interactive Terminal and through their Smartphones.

✓ Exclusive lighting system with RGB LEDs provides a light show, with incredible animated and interactive colorful visual effects according to each shot. And the Evolution Bowling Show Interactive Bowling Platform projects 3D visual effects that interact with the lanes and balls in real time.

We are experts in creating customized Home Bowling Alleys, with support from experts at every stage. We will design Bowling Alleys tailored to your space and design. Contact us today to start your project and ensure fun, entertainment and good times for you, your family and friends.

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