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Residential Bowling Alleys

The best of entertainment at your home.

Looking for high-tech entertainment? Enhance your home, condo or real estate, while offering an exclusive and sophisticated leisure experience for your family and friends! Imply® Residential Bowling Alleys will take fun to a whole new level.

​✓ The demand for Residential Bowling Alleys is a worldwide trend: several television celebrities, digital influencers, famous sports players and successful entrepreneurs are adding Bowling Alleys to their homes. Besides, properties with Bowling Alleys are highly valued in the market.

​✓ Custom Bowling Alleys tailored to your space: Imply® will design and build the perfect Bowling Alley for you! We will develop a personalized project specially for your space. Our experts offer support at all stages of the design and construction of your Bowling Alleys. Count on the experience of qualified professionals to meet all your needs from the planning and detailing of the project, installation and after-sales assistance. 

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